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The International Criminal Law Bureau is a group of international lawyers who have been involved for many years in war crimes trials and have the skills and experience to take on the most difficult cases.

The Bureau members also advise those with a need to know and understand the legal implications and political significance of international criminal laws and regulations.

The members train and provide courses for Judges, lawyers, state officials and students in international criminal law. 


The ICLB, in association with 9 Bedford Row are pleased to issue the report “Egypt Courts & Some Recent Challenges”.

This report was commissioned by the State Litigation Authority of Egypt and addresses a number of headline issues concerning human rights in Egypt. The chapters look at the law of Egypt and the final outcome of certain cases that have been examined by the world’s media and international agencies.


The Kenyatta Defence report, ‘The Prosecution of Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court

The Kenyatta Defence has published a report examining the key aspects of the failed ICC proceedings against Mr Kenyatta. Focusing on the nature of the evidence that was proved by the Defence to be false and the exposure of which eventually caused the case to fail.


The second paper in the series of submissions made by the ICLB to the OHCHR OISL has been uploaded below.

The rights and obligations of the State of Sri Lanka in seeking to protect its population from terrorism and crimes perpetrated by the LTTE during a thirty-year terrorist campaign and the non-international armed conflict of Eelam War IV (from 2006-2009). The OHCHR is due to issue its report next month.

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The Bureau provides courses and lectures in all aspects of international criminal law, court room advocacy and case strategy to Bar Associations, State bodies, private organisations, universities and law schools around the globe.


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